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Corundum mainly used in refractories which aspects

    Since the raw materials used corundum-rich, easy supply, in the manufacturing process, both for conventional refractories production technology refractory materials, it can also be produced with a special refractory ceramics born out of the traditional method, namely high-temperature ceramic, and therefore after half a century of development and production process matures, increasing varieties, has become the most widely used refractory material, its use is as follows:

    Corundum refractory products, especially the special corundum refractory products, which is the high-temperature ceramics, refractories industry, in addition to production, building materials, electronics, chemicals, machinery and other industries also produce. Refractory materials are high-quality and efficient products, foreign industrial countries are seeking high-purity raw material, which is one of the key raw materials of high purity product development.

    (1) due to high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, it is used as casting steel sliding gate, smelting rare metals, special alloys, high purity metal, glass, drawing, making crucibles and utensils laser glass; various high-temperature furnace kiln, such as refractory materials, ceramics blast furnace lining (walls and pipes); physical and chemical vessels, spark plugs, anti-oxidation resistant coating. SiO2 less than 0.5% of the low silicon sintered corundum brick lining is dedicated carbon black, boron chemicals, fertilizers, synthetic ammonia reactor and gasifier.

    (2) Because of high hardness, wear resistance, high strength characteristics, chemical systems, used a variety of reaction vessels and pipes, chemical pump parts; do mechanical parts, all kinds of abrasives, such as wire drawing dies , pole pencil die nozzle and the like; do tools, abrasive, bullet-proof material, human joints, seal wear ring.

    (3) Due to the high temperature insulation, it is used as a thermocouple protection tube and pipe threading, insulating ceramics, and various other high temperature insulation parts.

    (4) Al2O3 case of ionic crystals, the structure is very stable. In the high-frequency, high-pressure and high temperatures, it is still excellent insulation, combined with little loss, the dielectric constant is not large, in the electronics industry has been widely used in integrated circuit substrate solid stem, shell, ceramic frame microwave windows.

    (5) corundum products air tightness, even at high temperatures also close airtight, so widely used in electric vacuum, such as large-scale production of corundum tube shell, solid microcircuits dual in-line package housing .

    (6) corundum insulation materials, such as lightweight corundum brick, corundum hollow spheres and fiber products, widely used in various high-temperature furnace walls and roof of the furnace, both high temperature and insulation.

    (7) corundum products can be made transparent tubes, microwave fairing. Further, the dielectric material of the sodium-sulfur battery when Na-β-Al2O3-type products.